Want to know how the infamous 'silent treatment' came to existence. I thought you might. 

Once upon a time, actually just a couple of days back (in fact almost every other day) a man named Husband found himself in awkward position. He was caught red handed doing things that he had been strictly instructed not to. These 'things' included forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and other such important days. The 'things' sometimes involved grocery shopping, paying the bills, leaving the toilet seat cover up etc.

The beneficiary of his indiscretions, a woman named Wife based on years of experience, and her savoir-faire chose not to pursue the matter further.

The Husband guy not knowing what else to do stuck a dead-serious conversation with her.

Husband: Why are you upset?
Wife: I am not upset
Husband: You’re upset. I can see that.
Wife: No I am not.
Husband: Then why aren't you talking to me?
Wife: I am talking to you.
Husband: Why are you making that face?
Wife: I am not making any face.
Husband: Yes you are. You’re upset, you’re not talking to me, and you’re making a face.
Wife: Goodness! I am not upset, I AM talking to you and I am NOT making a face. 
Husband: Why are you screaming?
Wife: I am not screaming.
Husband: Yes you are. I heard you.You raised your voice.
Wife: (screams)I AM NOT SCREAMING.What the hell’s the matter with you?
Husband: There’s nothing wrong with me. Why are you always finding faults with me? Why are you always complaining?God! You're such a nagging person!
Wife: You know what… never mind.
Husband: What?
Husband: Go on. Say it.

Husband: Oh! You’re giving me the silent treatment now?

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