Monday, September 26, 2016

5 Easy Steps to Find a Cheap Car Insurance Online Without Extras You Don't Need

When renewing a cheap car insurance, you must take into account a number of factors that allow you to choose the best option in terms of both price and coverage. 

Find cheap car insurance

Save on car insurance is possible and we will explain how to achieve this.

Finding the cheapest car insurance tends to be the objective of more than one driver, but it just boils down to the cost of the premium to pay. Choose the ideal policy means to analyze and compare the different options offered by the market, up to the offer that best meets our needs and best adapts to our budget.

Thus, the first thing we need to do is to fix our spending limit and define the minimum coverage that we want to have the policy that we seek.

With that clear information we can begin our search, taking into consideration the following tips:

1. Compare different companies

In the case of an insurance undertaking to another, the policy conditions vary, and also prices. Therefore, if we want to buy the car insurance cheaper and that best suits our needs, the first thing we need to do is to compare and to do this the technology is a fundamental tool...

Compare different companies

Thanks to the online car insurance search engines, it is possible to analyze the multiple options of policies and coverage that offer the major insurers to find which one more suits us.

The operation of these engines is very simple: you must fill in a form with a series of data on the vehicle, the driver profile, the habitual use given to the car, among others, on the basis of which the system yields a series of contributions in different insurance companies, generally categorized according to the price.

Some good websites to start searching:

The next step is to compare them in detail to determine which is best for us, beyond the money, in terms and conditions of each policy.

2. Select the type of coverage you need

Insurance companies include in their portfolios of services different types of coverage: to third parties, extended the third party, to any risk, to all risk with the franchise...

Find the one that most suits us is fundamental to save some money.

For example, if we have an old vehicle may not be worth the effort to provide ourselves with an insurance policy to all risk: in case of total loss of the vehicle we would have to pay for its value in the market, and if it is an old car may not be interesting to everything that has been paid in annual premiums compared to what you are going to receive as compensation.

Coverage types

The options of insurers in regard to all-risk insurance is concerned, for example, vary between two types of policy: with franchise and without, which refers to the fixed cost, or a percentage of the compensation that the driver pays in the event of a disaster, in exchange for a reduction in the price of the annual premium.

Thus, in the case of it is given the option of choosing the excess value (200 euros, 300 euros or 450 euros) and specific that it does not apply in the event of a claim if it is shown that the culprit is the other driver or in specific circumstances such as fire or theft of the vehicle.

3. Analyzing the use given to car

Did you know that there are policies that vary in price according to the use that we have on a car?

Analyze the use

There are options to pay on the basis of the kilometers that are made with the actual car: to be paid by the distances covered, with a logic similar to the prepaid mobile phone lines, since it allows to hire a package estimated kilometers with the option to recharge the kilometers that are needed and the advantage that if no loops through all accumulate to the following year.

A similar option is paying according to the kilometers that are made just not only with the car insured.  It is an interesting option for those who have the car parked practically the whole year and only using it for their displacement by summer, for example.

4. Evaluate the extras

By law the least that we can buy is a policy to third parties, as then insurers include various additions that can be hired as extras to the basic policy, as coverage of moons, free choice of workshop, or replacement car, among others.

Evaluate extras

It is appropriate to analyze the possible extras to hire to complement the coverage, since although urges the annual premium to pay, this extra payment translates into tranquility.

If because of an accident your car must spend more than 24 hours in the workshop, or if your car is stolen, you can enjoy of a replacement vehicle for up to 30 days.

5. Check promotions and offers

Insurers often launch specific deals at different times of the year, so to get the insurance for the cheapest price it is essential to be attentive to the same and opt for the most suit us.

You can start checking discounts here:

In short, find a cheap vehicle insurance is a challenge that goes far beyond to look at the amount to pay for the annual premium. And that is that there are certain that seem cheap but to analyze them in detail and to compare them with other options that are available in the market, are to be unattractive because they do not adapt to what we really need out of our auto insurance.

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