Saturday, September 3, 2016

The 5 Main Accessories To Ride A Motorcycle Safely

To ride a motorcycle with maximum convenience, there are accessories that are very important and a motorcyclist must use in order to ensure his safety.

Learn what are the  main parts to ride a motorcycle safely and never compromise under any circumstance. 

Motorcycle Safety

In the conduct of two wheels, regardless of their type of bike, the clothing of a motorcyclist is of extreme importance for your comfort and safety, since it protects the driver of potential hazards that can be found on the road.

In an accident, the use of appropriate accessories is very effective in the prevention of trauma cranial nerves, reducing the severity of injuries and may even save a life. 

The accessories are thus the only link between the driver, your bike and, consequently, the asphalt. As such, their use should never be neglected. In this sense, to ride a motorcycle with maximum security, all riders must equip themselves with the following accessories:

1. Helmet -  the importance of this accessory is indescribable. 

All Riders must know what are the advantages of using a helmet because its non-use can cause irreversible damage to a rider. The use of the helmet is required by the law and guarantees, without doubt, a greater protection and safety to the driver in the conduct of a motorcycle.

Currently, there are several types of helmets in the market of motorcycles, as the caps open or modular, off-road, hinged or hybrids and short, and it is up to the biker choose the one that best suits your needs.

There are several things to consider when choosing a helmet to the bike, as for example: certification, the setting, the form, the comfort, the linings, the coverage and the visors, among others. However, the most important thing is that you choose a helmet that fits the shape of your head, that is comfortable and fits to your bike and driving practiced.

2. Glasses to protect vision is one of the things most important in driving a motorcycle. 

A motorcyclist should protect their eyes at all times of driving, because of momentary loss of vision can result catastrophic events. To ensure that this does not happen, it is necessary that the driver has glasses that protect from sun, wind, dust and even the mosquitoes, or choose a helmet that offers full coverage of the hull, with a visor anti-risk and that do not leave fog.

In this way, so that their safety is never compromised, a motorcyclist should have their vision protected, but must also have the ability to see everything that is going on the road and around her.

3. Leather Jacket - a leather jacket is one of the compulsory elements in the clothing of a motorcyclist. 

Their use should not be a question of style, but rather a need for protection. It is one of the toughest materials from the market and this makes it one of the most attractive and enjoyed.

A leather jacket lets you wrap all motorcyclists from the cold and helps them to cope with the adverse weather conditions. Whenever you wear a leather jacket must also use pullovers sleeve shirt so as to better protect their arms.

4. Gloves - the gloves have a dual function: protect the hands of bad weather conditions and prevent the sweat to miss the braking. 

It is very important to get some gloves that fit exactly to the shape of the hand of the motorcyclist and that are easy to put on and take off. The brands of gloves are: ASW, FOX, Acerbis, Kaerre, Oneal, Thor and Pro Grip.

5. Boots -  the boots of a motorcyclist are one of the fundamental accessories for the protection of the feet and ankles of all riders. 

They are very used by motorcyclists for competition and are easily purchased from a retail store dealers specializing or via the internet (until it is possible to buy a bike online).

When you purchase boots, you should check the condition of the seams, leather and plastic shields, because that is the best way to get some boots with quality.


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